HOA Notices For Homes With Garage Conversions

A couple of people had contacted the blog lately regarding letters received from the HOA about their garage conversions.

Obviously the letters had caused a lot of concern for owners, that had perhaps used their garage space for games rooms or home theaters.  These ‘bonus rooms’ are a big financial commitment to their property investment and perhaps not one they’d really look forward to ‘undoing’.

I took a few minutes to catch up with the HOA’s Oraine Williams, Sr, Community Association Manager who to me, offered a very balanced understanding of the current use of the garage spaces. His underlying message to owners was ‘not to panic’.

Oraine mentioned that he has no intent to cause any concern for owners and was working very intently on potential options that would create a long term solution without hardship to the homeowners, and the wider community.

He mentioned that the background to the heightened awareness stems from the rising level of ‘on street’ parking within the resort.
Oraine did mention that without a good solution, the resort would Read more…

Broadband Update News

We have heard today that Reunion Resort’s Broadband service is expected to be upgraded in time for late November 2015!
Great news for those that use Reunion for some work during their vacations and a big chance to use streaming services, such as Netflix etc from within the resort.
The information so far from the HOA;

  • Major upgrade is now under way
  • 100 Mbit/s download speeds!
  • (Currently 5-8 Mbit/s)
  • Expected completion around late November (all going well!)
  • Your Internet packages may need upgrading to achieve maximum benefit
  • Hopefully a more stable connection too

CONFIRMED – New Members Only Get 21 Days Guest Access To Amenities!


Did anyone hear this through the official ‘Out and About for Reunion Resort Club Members‘ email?

We guess not !!

I’ve reached out to Reunion today, and they did confirm that as of June 1st 2015, any newly opened membership accounts will just obtain a 21 days House Guest Privilege entitlement.
Having tumbled from unlimited, to 42 days and now 21 days, the resort could be in the process of making life as difficult as possible for private owners to take out memberships of any value.

On one hand, I’m sure the resort has a goal to sway new home owners over to their own rental program.
On the other hand, it appears to be relying upon a tactic of attrition against the thriving, and more effective private property managers.
A good marketing strategy?
I personally can’t think of many brands that have thrived well, on the back of deliberately forcing its target market into hardship.
What the resort fails to recognize, is Read more…

Seven Eagles To Be Marred By Temporary Office Cabins?

Proposed 7 Eagles Structures

Our Interpretation of the proposal

According to documents filed at Osceola County yesterday, Reunion has a future development in store for the parking area adjacent to the condos on Seven Eagles Way.
Some unconfirmed rumors hint that the space is going to be used for the relocation of the Resort’s property management operation from the disused fire station on the Osceola Polk Line Rd.

Due to the very intense nature of property management, continuous movements of traffic, and movements of bulky linens, housewares and service vehicles, it can be expected that this could very quickly become a very active area of the resort.

Quite why the resort’s management has elected to spoil this area of the resort with a business operation, is a little perplexing, especially considering that the resort seems so intent on fining home owners for minor aesthetic misdemeanors such as a ‘weathered’ roof, or leaving a trash can out on the roadside a few hours late or early!

The proposed site is believed to be housing Reunion’s Property Management Operation
In a purely residential area!

Read more…

3400 New Vacation Homes Coming To Kissimmee

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.27.20 PMThe Orlando Sentinel indicated that an additional 3,400 new luxury homes are anticipated between now and 2019.
A staggering 70 new homes per month.

Experience Kissimmee, the region’s now privately operated marketing agency will place more focus than ever will be placed upon marketing of the luxury home sector, no doubt creating a big boost for Reunion Resort in general.
A great video article in the Sentinel this week, focussed on Jeeves Florida Rentals, but the article will serve to boost everyone’s interests in the resort.
Sharon Harley of Jeeves is a big fan of the resort in general, and does all she can to ensure that her team promotes the resort amenities, restaurants and bars.  She’s a big believer in the win/win concept. Read more…

Reunion Resort’s 10 Years In A Google Earth Video

Here’s a gentle stroll down memory lane as we fly high above Reunion Resort from its conservation and orange grove background in 1995 right through until much more recent times, with the Encore Club.
This year, Reunion celebrated 10 Years Of Reunion Resort.

A few of the earlier years were captured very infrequently, and the satellite didn’t scan much of the east side, but by late 2004, we could see a better picture of the 3 sprawling PGA courses and the streets and roadways of this beautiful resort.
Of course, the journey isn’t over.  With a good number of lots still remaining and of course the Encore Club development now under way (this can be seen in the 2015 slide, towards the top centre of the resort).

To view in full screen, just click that ‘view full screen’ icon in the bottom right of the video.

The New Nicklaus 17th 18th 19th Holes

New PGA Nicklaus Layout at Reunion Resort

Click the image to view a larger scale version.

Here’s a quick summary of the Nicklaus Course remodel at Reunion Resort.

The huge project is already well under way and thankfully, we now have a glimpse of the layouts of the two new holes, the clubhouse and the practice amenities.
As you probably saw in the post from June, there’s an unbelievable amount of dirt being moved to make way for the long awaited upgrade, to what is probably the most beautiful of Reunion’s 3 PGA courses.

We’ve marked up the aerial rendering to show some of the previous features, in relation to the new.
One thing you will notice are Read more…

Reunion Resort Broadband Improvements

Just a very early report that we understand that Reunion Resort could finally get an internet connection speed that’s suitable for its status as a premium resort.
We have no official information yet about bandwidth, download speeds or timing, but for now, it does look as though owners could be in the process of catching up with the rest of the nation regarding connections.
We did hear some very impressive estimates of 100 Mbit/s download speeds!   That’s significantly better than the lame 5-8 Mbit/s that we currently get intermittently.

We will keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

How Far Is Reunion Resort Away From………

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 3.29.55 PM

Apparently, it takes a dedicated driving team a whole 44 hrs to reach Reunion from Seattle!

I’m often get asked how close Reunion is to the various landmarks, attractions, beaches and transportation areas in the area.
The good news, is that Reunion is without doubt the best resort for access to most areas of Central Florida, partly due to the proximity to Disney, just 5 miles away, but also due to being a very short drive away from two exists from the I-4.

In reality, Reunion is not only close to the Read more…

Water Park, Tennis & Golf Access For Private Home Guests – A Guide

Palmilla Pool-5

There’s nothing like a privately owned vacation home at Reunion Resort! Click on the image for prices and availability of this stunning 8 bedroom golf view mansion!

If you are looking for the very best luxury homes in Reunion Resort, chances are they will be privately owned and managed by one of the vastly experienced independent property managers. The growing choice of magnificent homes, with private pools, spas, golf views and in many cases, home theaters, games rooms, and even an occasional bowling alley! Despite the vast majority of homes on Reunion being managed by private property managers, the resort continues to restrict access to amenities, for private house guests. Palmer Course ThumbThe result is often confusing for guests, and very much reflects badly upon the resort Read more…