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Triton Builders Inc – An Insight Into Reunion’s Leading ‘Dream Maker’

I’ve been captivated by an ever increasing portfolio of desirable Reunion property lately and wanted to learn more about them and the team behind some of the most beautiful pieces of real estate in Central Florida.
With a recovery in investment confidence around many areas of the globe, Reunion homes are thankfully rising proudly out of the earth again.  Guests are returning again, and with them, a new trend in travel; multi family and multi generational groups.

It’s been going on a while, but the new ‘super homes’ are perfectly designed to cope with lots of guests, and most importantly, lots of parking for their cars!  The very early large homes often lacked driveways and strained the roadways, but smart builders like Greg Givans from Triton, saw this as an opportunity to guide their home buyers towards a whole new product.

I wanted to learn more about Greg’s latest and upcoming mansions and family homes, but first wanted to know what motivates the man that is always looking to build like a master.  After meeting this week at Triton Builders Inc model home on Golden Bear, I took some notes and asked a lot of questions and quickly realized why I could never be a builder!

Some quick facts about Triton Builders Inc and Greg Givans;

  • Greg’s father, a mason, inspired his passion for construction
  • Greg has been in construction since he was 18 working for a concrete company forming foundations etc.
  • Worked my way up through that company in Coral Springs Florida for 8 years in the middle of the custom home boom in Boca Raton.
  • Greg was the youngest superintendent they ever hired.
  • Quickly moved up the ranks to project manager then had kids and moved to Naples , Florida
  • Forged his skills on large custom homes in Naples/ Bonita springs including The colony, Mediterra, Bonita bay and Quail West.
  • Became a project manager for Imperial Homes in 2008
  • Started Triton in May 28, 2008
  • 48 builds so far in Central Florida/Reunion
  • 8 New builds will start in the Fall/Winter of 2015
  • Over 55 contractors and staff members
  • www.tritonbuildersinc.com

What’s changed the most in the design of the homes over the last few years?

Pretty much about everything!  In the earlier years, Reunion’s homes were often a subtle blend of Spanish/Tuscan style of architecture, and that has gently given way to a much more contemporary style, both inside and out.
It’s been a great fun designing and building the newer homes to ensure that they still complement the overall feel of what is without doubt the most attractive resort in the region.  We have a responsibility to build exciting new homes, without detracting from the existing feel of the luxurious neighborhood.

Triton appear to be producing some amazing and very distinctive homes, that not only have curb appeal, but function perfectly for large families and groups looking for luxury accommodation.

I think any great builder or architect would agree, that although we move heavy materials about for most of the day, our craft is very much centered upon art.  We have to do the hard work, but always with a creative eye and vision for the home owner’s benefit.  We are also always in search of new and interesting features to introduce into our homes, but with a tasteful result rather than a gimmicky outcome.  That’s what people always seem to appreciate about a Triton home.  Great ideas, lovely features and nice surprises at every turn when they view their completed home for the first time.

Where do those ideas come from Greg?

Just like any builder, I often find myself awake at night excitedly thinking of new ideas or solutions, but in fairness, I think that the homeowners, and fabulous architect that we use are a huge part of our success.
We are very proud of the relationships with our owners, many who come back repeatedly for further homes.
Triton is a customer facing business and that interaction makes working together on styles, features and detailing a pure pleasure.  We’d go crazy just building the same homes each month!

What’s the competition like in the area?

I genuinely love competition.  Without it, we would not be as strong a builder as we are today.  We’d still be building the same homes from 2009.  There’s a lot of respect within the main group of builders here and that comes from understanding that our industry is challenging, but enjoyable if you have the right attitude to succeed.
Ultimately though, we love to try and outdo each other!

What advice would you give to a new owner that’s planning their first mansion?

Some owners know exactly what they want, perhaps they’ve researched for months or even years, others want us to take care of virtually everything.  Our success is very much down to them that we give them the expertize to get a great result.
Deciding on finishes, materials and features is only easy if the owner has got the right team around, and Triton take care to listen to all of the contractors, property managers and designers before we move a shovel of dirt.
The best advice I can give to an owner, is to pick a builder that can offer that advice and that will listen to the owner.

What’s the hottest trend in Reunion right now?

There’s been a big shift towards those fabulous ‘themed’ built in bunk bed rooms, secret doorways into kids’ dens, led lighting and smart audio/lighting.  Features that make the home ‘pop’, not only in the rental brochures, but also in real life for the owners and their guests!

What exciting news can you share with us about 2016?

greg tritonWhen we started Triton Builders Inc, it was just myself and my wife Marna, but we were very fortunate to have Seth Flaugher and Mike Donnelly join us to develop the sales, while I concentrated on the construction aspect of the business.
It’s been a fabulous success and we all wanted to take things to the next level this year and expand our efforts even further.
Seth and Mike are not only great friends, but outstanding sales professionals and it made a lot of sense for the building and realty sides to head up as separate businesses that continue to work together.
That way, as individuals, we can focus on our core strengths, and support each other as great businessmen.
The Triton story has been a great one, with lots of chapters to continue and lots of great opportunities for 3 friends to keep building and selling dream homes together!
2016 is already set to become our most successful year yet for starts, and it’s only November 2015, but we are always looking for new ideas, new projects and partnerships to continue as a the ‘go-to’ builder of luxury homes in Central Florida.
We hope that all of our contractors, colleagues, business friends and homeowners have a fabulous holiday season while we run up to the New Year!

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New Clubhouse Menu Continues Reunion’s ‘Good Food’ Tradition

Gatherings - Reunion Resort Thanksgiving Menu

As a family, we appreciate that Reunion has an unbeatable foundation in good food.
Whether it’s just a burger at the water park or fine dining at Eleven or Forté, the standard of dining is always a cut above any other comparable resort area that we know.
We write dining reviews for a living and it’s reassuring that Reunion, the place we made home from home, delivers 5 stars so comfortably when it comes to great cuisine.

This week, the November issue of ‘Gatherings’ depicts a really tasty upgrade from Director of Food & Beverage, Robert Mason.

From the first week in November, The Eleven restaurant sees some great new menu items, including;

• Barbequed Bacon Shrimp – Bacon and Fresh Basil wrapped Jumbo Shrimp, local BBQ Sauce.
• Filet Mignon Egg Roll – Melon, Jicama slaw, Sweet Chili Sauce.
• 20 ounce Porterhouse Steak
• Bronzed Grouper – Lightly Blackened Florida Grouper, Lobster and Shrimp Ragu, Grilled Asparagus, Orange Cajun Sauce, organic Grits.
• Peppercorn Steak – NY Strip grilled and crusted with Roasted Garlic and Cracked Pepper, Brandy Demi-glace, Onion Straws

I think that the overhaul of the Eleven menu is a little overdue, but credit to Robert, the Food & Beverage team have hit well above target looking at the tempting menu.  We will of course check the items out and post full reviews asap.

The Clubhouse also gets an update Mid November and again, regular guests will very much appreciate the update with new appetizers, salads and entrees, such as Coconut Shrimp, Crap Dip, Caprese Salad, Cowboy Burger and Bacon Pepper Pork Tenderloin.

Forté also looks set for some updates later in November, but I hope those zucchini chips still make the cut!
Expect to see Antipasto, Minestrone Soup, Polenta Crusted Scallops and Pollo con Fungi.

Thanksgiving Dining is worth considering and there’s an abundance of choice at the various resort restaurants, including the clubhouse and ‘Reunion To Go’.

Click here to view the full November Gatherings edition, complete with menu details for Thanksgiving!

18th Fairway Update

Here’s a panoramic shot from today of the land around the 18th that will eventually be filled with a number of high end luxury homes by Encore.
Very little if any information is being released about the project and lot sizes, pricing, floor plans and other details are still not available.
The re-design has funded a much needed clubhouse for the Nicklaus course, and hopefully the aesthetics of the area will significantly improve once that big old tent disappears.
I didn’t walk over to the practice area today, but that too is progressing swiftly.
I’m definitely no expert on green-keeping, but the course still looks some way off from being playable, but, to be fair, it has been extremely dry over the last few months and today’s rain storm over Reunion was very much welcome as far as I could imagine.




Encore Club Pool Area and Water Park Taking Shape

I took a quick look at the Encore Club’s construction area today and saw some signs of the fun to come for Encore Club owners and guests.

Encore Club Water Park Update

The concrete bases are now in place for the slide framework and the adult pool area is now visibly in concrete form.
The slide tubing has been on site for a few weeks now, and can be seen to the mid/right of the picture.
As always, the Encore Club owners do seem to have a lot to cheer about, able to choose who manages their property, and still able to allow their rental guests unlimited access to their own private water park.
With membership at $100 per month it looks a good deal.
While Reunion Members don’t get access to the Encore Amenities, Encore members can choose to become Reunion members if they so wish, but don’t forget that house guest access was slashed from 42 days per year, to 21 days.

Reunion guests and owners have a few years to wait until Margaritavillage opens just a few minutes away at the 192, but the great news is, that the new luxury development will also have a publicly accessible full scale water park to enjoy, all in a tropical island theme!

That will work very well for owners and guests frustrated by Reunion’s challenging water park access rules.

As Jimmy would say; It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!