Encore Club At Reunion Reveals Details On The Amenities

On Thursday evening, the Encore Club at Reunion, hosted a presentation in the Reunion Grande for their exciting new clubhouse and amenities.
The two floor clubhouse plans were revealed, along with some new renderings of the interior design details of the much anticipated facility, that is anticipated some time toward the end of the year.

The Encore Club welcome centre and clubhouse will include;

  • Two Floor Foyer
  • A kids’ play area + dry wipe marker wall
  • Fitness Centre
  • Cafe area
  • Sales Centre
  • Check in Desk
  • Excursions and Ticket Centre
  • Outdoor patio
  • Upper floor Private dining room
  • Large restaurant and bar area with balcony terrace views over the resort
  • Feature staircases from the ground floor terrace to the restaurant upper floor

Enhanced Water Park

What really threw me, was the much higher specification for the water park.  We knew it was going to be good, but the difference in the final version reveals a significant boost to the amenities.

  • Bucket type water play area
  • Multiple tube slides
  • Adult and family swim area
  • Cabanas
  • A multi slide race lane for teens upwards
  • A selection of twisting tube rides for older kids and adults.

With a significantly higher specification than the lovely and but unnecessarily restrictive water park over at Reunion Resort, it would be nice to think that this fabulous new attraction will help encourage Reunion to rethink its restrictive strategy used on its own water park access.

ENC_amenity clubhouse first floor_2.20.15 ENC_amenity clubhouse second floor_2.20.15 ENC_amenity clubhouse_bar_2.20.15 ENC_amenity clubhouse_checkin_2.20.15 ENC_amenity clubhouse_dining_2.20.15 ENC_amenity clubhouse_reception_2.20.15 ENC_amenity waterpark layout_2.20.15

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Nicklaus Clubhouse Finally Gets The Go Ahead!

Some news from the weekend, the Nicklaus Clubhouse will finally begin to emerge from the Reunion West soil some time from mid 2015! It’s totally unclear at this stage what this means to existing members, non members or guests staying in privately owned homes, but my personal hope is that this will be one amazing amenity for everyone to enjoy when visiting Reunion Resort!

Vacation Home Fraud – Tips To Beat Scammers!

How To Be Vigilant For Vacation Home Fraudsters!

Reunion Resort is blessed with the finest vacation rental homes in Central Florida.
Beautiful furnishings, ornate finishes and spectacular views over 3 PGA golf courses create a level of desirability that makes Reunion so successful.
Sadly, the vacation industry in general is open to abuse by unscrupulous scammers who try to cash in on the mistakes of owners, guests and property managers to grab an opportunity to steal cash from unwitting tourists.
Even huge companies like booking.com have fallen foul of fraudsters along with other industry leaders such as HomeAway.  (Read more about Homeaway fraudsters in the Guardian Newspaper)

Neither Homeaway, nor Booking.com are involved in the fraudulent activities, but the fraudsters rely upon the sheer volume of queries to wait until someone slips up!
This blog post is a small and humble attempt to ensure ‘that someone’ is not you!

The fraudsters are relying mainly on one very fundamental technique to exploit both property managers and tourists alike, and that is the simple act of illusion!
In almost every case of reported online fraud, the perpetrator has relied upon a time-strapped victim to click on a link that is pretending to be good.
Before you know it, you have clicked a very innocent looking link, and you are doing business with someone that has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide their true identity!
Don’t be alarmed however, some simple patience can help you spot an evil prankster every single time!

How To Avoid Vacation Home Fraud – For Property Managers and Owners

  1. Never click links in emails that ask you to check your inbox, update your Listing site account (eg Homeaway, Flipkey), or to reactivate your suspended account
    (These are the number one techniques to take you to a false website for you to enter your login details in!)
  2. Always examine links in emails before clicking! (see the end of this blog post)
  3. Never share your listing site’s account’s login details with other staff members.
    This is very difficult if you are a property manager, but it is what fraudsters are hoping you will do.  The more people they can trick, the higher their chances of getting at your precious enquiries!
  4. Once they have your login details, you may never ever know it!
    The fraudsters keep a very low profile.  All they want are those email addresses of innocent victims looking for a fabulous vacation home deal!
    Once they have that, they will carefully target the enquirers with very realistic emails, and in many cases false websites hoping that their cut price deals with 50% savings for a luxury home become too irresistible for someone.
  5. Eventually, guests show up at homes, for a dream vacation, that they’ve paid thousands to a scamster for, without any knowledge to the owner or real agent!

Top Tips To Help Vacationers Avoid Fraud

  1. Always examine links in emails before clicking! (see the end of this blog post)
  2. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!
    The irresponsibility of a great deal is what most fraudsters are relying upon!
  3. Always make sure you have travel insurance in place before your check in date, and that you are covered in the event of booking fraud.
  4. Always pay at least some portion of your accommodation by credit card, as most card providers offer payment protection.
  5. If you do begin your first discussions with a company, either by telephone or email, make sure that your second discussion is generated by you, using the official contact details on their official website (not by clicking on an email link!)
    If the company can’t find any records, you know it’s a scam!
  6. Sadly, please remember, that if you book a vacation with a fraudster, nobody owes you their home, or room when you arrive in Orlando!  They weren’t part of the scam, they knew nothing about it.  No matter how confused or angry you may feel!

Detecting ‘Phishing’ Or Fraudulent links in emails!

  1. In the vast majority of cases, this technique will keep you safe!
    Please learn how to do this, and show your family members and staff the technique to keep your business, vacation and money safe!
  2. Most fraudsters hide the identity of their fraudulent website under text in an email.
    For example, I may be advertising Disney Frozen Costumes 50% Off!
  3. In the example above, the link clearly invites you to some great deals to dress like Anna and Elsa, but if you click on the link, you are more likely to end up looking like a Minion or Harry Potter!
  4. The secret is to avoid clicking those misleading links until you have safely checked them out.
  5. Just hover your mouse pointer over the link for a second or so (DON’T CLICK IT!) and a pop up box very kindly tells you exactly what the link really is.
    If the pop-up looks like a load of odd numbers, characters, or an unexpected website, mark the email as spam or delete it, and don’t click on that link.
  6. In my Disney Frozen Costumes 50% Off! link, this is what you will see if you use this technique when looking at your emails!  Just hover over the link for a second or two, without clicking to reveal the true email address!Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.11.31

More resources about avoiding email Scams

* Contact us if you want to be considered for addition to the list without charge.

Encore Club Aerial Photographs

We received a fresh set of Aerial Photographs from the Encore Club this week.
There’s a lot going on in ground-works and it looks as though the first show homes are well on their way to completion.
The ‘Resort within a resort’ is scheduled to open its first phase in the summer of 2015, and looking at the considerable progress being made in the layout of the streets and slabs for the homes, things are looking good.

The centre shot shown below, shows just how close the Encore Club is to Walt Disney World!  10 minutes or less by car!
One of Reunion’s leading property managers; Jeeves, are confirmed as official preferred partners for the Encore Club Property Management Program.

12.17.14_1 12.17.14_2 12.17.14_3

Encore’s Clubhouse Construction About to Commence

I saw a press release today detailing the high demand for the Encore Club’s homes over on their brand new Sinclair Rd development.  With sales of 40 homes in November, you kind of think they’ve got something right with their business model.

A stunning landscaped paradise, luxury vacation homes and a beautiful water park, all within easy reach of Walt Disney World and Interstate 4.
(I know a place just like that too!)

Good luck Encore, I hope you do well with this familiar formula, but if you look after your members well, ensure that the resort amenities are available to all rental guests, you might teach a few people how to run a resort!

Reunion Resort’s Encore Club Update

Progress over the opposite side of the 429 Toll Road is turning the Encore Club into a visible reality!
300 acres of abandoned Citrus plantation are now the basis of Reunion’s Resort within a Resort.  The Encore Club at Reunion will be operated and managed independently, offering all resort guests staying at the Encore Club at Reunion access to the resort’s amenities, including their own water park and sports facilities.

If you’d like to see a quick update on how the resort is beginning to shape up, visit the Encore Club Orlando Blog to view this month’s aerial shots!

11.20.14_1 11.20.14_2 11.20.14_3

Encore Club At Reunion – Aerial Shots

Some fantastic Aerial shots from the Encore Club Orlando Blog By Jeeves.
Taken late October, these images show that ground works are well under way at the 300 acre site by the intersection of Sinclair Rd and N. Old Lake Wilson Rd.

For a detailed analysis, please visit the Jeeves blog post for an insight into each image!

10.21.14_1.1 10.21.14_2.1 10.21.14_3.1

View all of the Encore Club model homes at totalorlando.com