Questions Sent To Carlton Grant – October 10th 2014

On Friday October 10th, I had a call arranged with Carlton Grant (General Manager of Reunion Resort), regarding my open letter posted earlier this month.
Just before the call, I mailed over most of the following points to help the conversation stay on track.
As a result, Carlton asked for a postponement of that call in order to clarify the points with other members of his team.
Hopefully, we can get some great answers back to some important questions.
Due to the fact that it has been over a week since that call was cancelled, I thought it might help to make everyone aware of the questions currently raised about matters affecting owners;

  • Are there any private rental owners or property managers on the ABOG?
  • Will house guest contact details for house guest privilege cards be used by Reunion for marketing purposes?
  • Private Rental owners generally feel ‘unwanted’ and ‘unappreciated’ by the resort management. Assuming that they continue to remain private owners, is that belief correct?
  • Is the ‘Resort spend’ by private owner’s guests of value to the resort?
    Are the positive posts and links about Reunion amenities on owners’ websites of value?
  • Will the management adopt consultation processes with members for major changes that affect membership?
  • Will the resort open up membership opportunities (This was badly worded, but should have asked whether Reunion will relax the access rules and processes for private rental home guests).
  • Is management planning to further restrict access for private rental guests
  • Would you prefer us to leave our memberships
  • How will reunion win hearts and minds
  • Have condo owners been offered the same enhanced deal as estate home owners
  • Have existing reunion program owners been offered the enhanced package
  • Which Pools are under the control of Reunion CDD.
    • ANSWER: George S. Flint, District Manager of the CDD confirmed that the following facilities are under the control of the CDD:
      • Seven Eagles: Pool, Spas, Fitness Room, Game Room, and Linear Park
      • Homestead: Pool
      • Carriage Point: Pool
      • Heritage Crossing: 2 Pools
      • The Terraces: Pool
      • Horse Stables
  • If they are under the control of the CDD, is it also correct, that restrictions can not be placed on these areas by Salamander?
    • ANSWER: George S. Flint, District Manager of the CDD confirmed that Amenities under their control may be used without restriction by any resort guest, including non members.
    • George also kindly confirmed that no plans currently exist to amend either the control or access policies for the CDD amenities.
  • Could you clarify the following comment on the HOA FAQs for Villas North
    • Q: Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities? If so, how much am I obligated to pay annually?
    • A: All facilites are available for regular use by owners, their families, guests and invitees, at no additional charge to the owners.
    • ANSWER: Oraine Williams confirmed that the FAQ was incorrect
  • Does the above FAQ Answer apply to all Condo owners in the Resort?
    • ANSWER: Oraine Williams confirmed that the FAQ was incorrect

As of Wednesday 22nd, I had not had any answers from Reunion Resort to these questions, but I am advised by Carlton that he is discussing the various questions posted in my email and comments posted on this Blog in general.
Thanks as always to Oraine Williams (Aegis HOA) and George S Flint (CDD) who were very prompt with answers to some of the questions while we awaited Carlton Grant.

I will update with any further developments.

Encore Club At Reunion – Video Preview

The Encore Club at Reunion is inching closer to its opening in the Summer of 2015.
Located in the Norther corner of the intersection between the I-4 and 429, the Encore Club is a privately managed ‘Resort within a Resort’.

Take a look at the new promo video

Useful Encore Related Links
Encore Club at Reunion Official Website Official Encore Club Rental Home Partner

Reunion Resort Communal Pool Access – Member Cards Now Required

One keen eyed owner sent this image in to me.
Signs are now springing up at the communal pools with the following reading;

The use of this Pool is exclusively for
the following guests with approved resort cards;

Reunion Resort Members
Official Reunion Resort Villa and Home Rental Guests
Official Reunion Resort Registered House Guests
CLUB WYNDHAM & WorldMark By Wyndham Guests
Reunion Resort Preferred Partner Rental Guests

Almost all of the resort pools are expected to gain the signs, with the exception of pools operated by the CDD (ie Seven Eagles).

It really does look as though the resort is intent on breaking any goodwill that ever existed between private vacation home owners and the resort’s current management.

Owners of pool homes will probably not even notice the new changes, as they and their guests opt to make use of their home’s private luxury pools, but beleaguered condo owners without membership will now have to face up to life of owning a home in the Resort without access to its nearest pool.

My thoughts continue along the lines of “Reunion continues to alienate itself from loyal owners that have supported the Resort through many desperate years!’

Pool Member Card Sign

Reunion Resort Review and Guide

Reunion Resort GuideTotalorlando are one of the largest private vacation home listing sites covering Reunion Resort Orlando, and they’ve just published their Reunion Resort Review & Guide.

It looks a simple enough article, but the links through to reviews of all of the resort pools, restaurants, golfing and tennis facilities, along with the water park are some of the most detailed I’ve seen.
We’ve spotted a few improvements and emailed them over to the totalorlando team, but also feel free to contact them with any suggestions through their contact form.

This is another great example of independent businesses doing their best to promote the resort, despite the apparent lack of goodwill that Reunion shows the private owners that have kept the resort in business over the worst years of the recession.

Needless to say, we thoroughly give our backing to and all of the fabulous independent property managers on Reunion Resort.
They’ve all done a fabulous job of keeping this beautiful resort in business, and they truly do deserve all of the recognition and support that they can get for their loyal efforts!

Jeeves Announce Partnership To Manage Encore’s Luxury Homes at Reunion

I got word this morning that Jeeves Vacation Homes are now official partners with the Encore Club at Reunion, offering property management services to their exciting new luxury resort development at Reunion.

Over the coming years, Encore will be developing a ‘Resort within a Resort’ at Reunion, and guests staying in the privately owned homes will have access to the exclusive Encore Club House and Water Park.
Owners of the new homes at Encore will also be able to join the Reunion Resort membership program.

Jeeves have also launched an Encore Club at Reunion Blog to promote their luxury homes and latest news about the resort’s development.